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Can I Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit? Discover the Answer…

You would no doubt agree; it’s hard to get any finance with a poor credit rating.When you see a home you really want, you can’t help but ask yourself, can I get a mortgage with bad credit? Well, as it turns out:


You can dramatically boost your chances of being approved for a secured home loan… when you put a stop to the banks playing with your credit score like they: Just. Don’t. Care.


This isn’t on you…Life happens!


The news is that the bad credit score will only get worse, until you find out what’s really going on. The truth is this: Banks and building societies are hesitant to approve any type of loan for anyone with a less than stellar credit rating. What they do is make things worse.


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How do they do that?

By credit checking you. Too many applications too frequent and your score will tank. Automation puts you out of the game. It will feel like a fight you cannot win. Until you learn how to bounce back with the know-how and hard facts to put your application on the right track, into the right hands… A lender in a position to extend a lending hand. What’s to follow is that lifeline you’ve been hoping for. The information you need to understand why things feel as bad, how to find out what’s really going on and take back control of your personal finances. This is the story behind your story…The mortgage market can be horrendous to navigate.

Every question leads to another because the bottom line is that most consumers just don’t know how to get a mortgage with bad credit. They think a bad credit score is a strike out, resulting in applications going ignored by lenders and if a lender does respond to queries, the interest rates would be supercharged to the extent they couldn’t afford it anyway.

The fastest way to get the information you need without being charged for advice is to search online. Chances are, you’ve already tried asking Cortana, Siri, or whatever voice assistant is on your smart phone or laptop. Or you have may have tried typing into a search engine questions like ‘how can I get a mortgage with bad credit?’ and variations of it.

How did that work out?

Best rates and best buy mortgages that you’ll never qualify for…and likely a ton of information devoted to telling you how to repair your credit score. Everything that does nothing to help you NOW! When you want to know if you can get a mortgage with bad credit, and if so, how you go about doing that?

Worry no more…You’re on a website run by specialists in the sub-prime market, which means that we deal specifically with the barricades between those who want to get a mortgage but have bad credit and put them on the path to the right lenders that can make that happen. But, it’s not as straight forward as submitting a mortgage application to any company willing to extend a lending hand.

Our aim here is to inform those struggling to raise finance for a home about what’s possible, for how much, and put the power in your hands to determine the best way forward. You know you have bad credit and since you’re here, we know you want a mortgage. The product you specifically need is a bad credit mortgage. This page will give you the low-down on what’s involved so you’ll know exactly how to go about finding if you can, and if so, how.Here’s what’s covered…

The types of negative entries on your credit report that specialist lenders will accept

And more FAQs from others in your situation, which you’ll likely find very beneficial



The Exact Process Used to Arrange a Bad Credit Mortgage


The application process to arrange a mortgage with bad credit can be simplified by splitting things into five specific areas:

  • Your Credit History (you can get these files free or for £2)
  • The Actions You’ve Took (unknowingly) That’s Tanked Your Credit Rating (further)
  • The Fees Involved for Advice Specific to Your Financial Situation (that can get you approved for a secured home loan)
  • Making the Best of a Bad Situation by Making Your Proposition to Lenders More Attractive (balancing the risk)
  • Proving (fast) That You Are a Responsible Borrower


How and Where to Get the Information Lenders See about Your Previous Financial Data..

Your credit reports contain all the information that’s blocking your access to a mortgage with standard lenders. Banks and building societies. Your financial data going back six years is recorded on a credit database held by Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. Different lenders and any company you’ve had a financial contract with, report data to one or more of those lenders but not always all three. For that reason, an entry on your Experian credit files could be different from what’s held on the Call Credit database. Information is shared between the three reporting agencies, but it takes time for records to be updated. Incorrect entries happen and so too do inaccuracies. To stand a fighting chance of being approved for a mortgage with bad credit, you need to know the data that’s visible to lenders. There’s two ways you can do that:

  1. Is free using a free credit score service such as Noddle, Clear Score or any of the many others.
  2. Is with your Statutory Credit Report. Each of the three credit reporting agencies can only charge a £2 fee to cover the partial cost of administration.


The free services report the same data the three credit reporting agencies give to them. Only slower. To get your hands on your up-to-date financial data, go direct to the source, pay £2 to each company and you’ll get access to the same credit data banks see that result in declining your application. You will need all three reports because each can have different entries recorded. Lenders can credit check you with any or all credit reference agencies.


The Unknown Actions You’ve (Likely) Took That’s Damaged Your Credit Rating FurtherAgreed to let a bank, building society or any business offering your any form of finance to run a hard check on your credit file. Every time a hard search is run, it is recorded. The more entries there are in close succession, the more your file can indicate you’re in need of finance, rather than just wanting it. Actively managing your credit scores is tricky because any more than one search in a six-month period tends to do more damage to your rating. To avoid that, you can request, and actually need to ask for a soft quotation search only. Do not agree to a hard check until you’re working with someone personally to explain your situation. Most certainly stay away from online applications when your credit is already damaged. That just makes it worse. The worst place to ask for any loan is your bank because they only cater to safe borrowers. Those with a proven track record of borrowing within their means and no negative entries on their credit file. When the so-called advisors see a single negative entry, you’re declined without any way to give your version of events. The computer decides your fate. Advisors are operators in banks. You can get the right advice in the following ways:

With a Broker with Reasonable Pricing that Specialises in Adverse Credit Mortgage ProductsThe right type of broker you need in your corner is someone impartial to any lender. Independent brokers with whole-of-market access. What whole-of-market refers to is that they aren’t tied to any lender. Like, in your bank. If you ask someone who works for the bank, they can only advise on their own financial products. Not what any other lender has that would be suitable to you. With impaired credit, a specialist broker is needed. What’s more is they need to know the market very well and you need to know what it’ll cost.


The good news is it can cost anywhere between a free service going up to 2% of the loan value in fees, although that’s in the high end and reserved for those with really bad credit and low deposits. The crucial role a broker plays is knowing what lenders are more averse to risk than others. That way, they can direct your application to a lender, who in their professional opinion, is the most likely to approve your loan. They need to because once a hard check is run by a lender, it can set the efforts back so long that you would have lost the chance to buy the home you wanted.


Before they get to work on your case, fees should be made clear up front. Some will tell you a fee, others may quote a percentage of your home value. General prices tend to be £300 for mild bad credit, rising to around £1,000 on more complex cases. Making the Best of a Bad Situation by Making Your Proposition to Lenders More Attractive (balancing the risk) High fees are quoted for high risk borrowers. Those with more than a few negative entries, perhaps more serious such as CCJ and bankruptcies. The higher the risk, the less likely a lender is to approve because they want assurances or need to see things happening that make you trustworthy, or both.


You can take one of two approaches to make your application more appealing. The first is more likely to get a lender to give serious consideration to your situation and that’s for you to stump up more of a deposit. Mortgages are based on loan-to-value (LTV) ratios. For ease of calculation, applying for a mortgage of £100,000 with a 75% LTV would mean you’d be asking for £75,000 and putting down a £25,000 deposit. If that’s unlikely to get approved, the simplest thing to do is pay more. Not for the broker service, but towards the loan. Increasing your deposit amount tips the scales to more of a level playing field where both you and the lender stand to lose a lot, rather than the one with the most to lose being the company lending the capital. The slower approach is the credit repair route. Proving (fast) That You Are a Responsible Borrower You can’t prove you can manage your finances now when you can’t get any credit approved to make timely repayments. What you can do though is apply for what’s called a credit building credit card. These are designed specifically for those with bad credit. If you do go down this route, pay your balances in full on time every month. This shows lenders you are being responsible with your finances, so it builds trust. Any data is better than no data for lenders to assess. For those with a really bad credit report, a guaranteed acceptance credit card would be more suitable, but you can expect the interest rate to be high. Probably too high to justify using one.


What to Expect to Pay for Bad Credit Mortgage Costs

As you would expect, having an adverse credit rating is going to affect the interest rates you can borrow at. The best rates go to those with the best credit history. Those without a clean financial slate do face steeper costs. That being said and as mentioned above, there are ways to make your application more of an attractive proposition to lenders, the main one being putting down more of a deposit.


You stand a better chance to be approved for an adverse credit mortgage when you apply for less by depositing more. The more risk you’re prepared to take on, the lower the interest rates can become. It’s actually possible for rates to be not too far off standard mortgage interest rates.

What do Specialist Lenders Find Acceptable for Mortgages? Every lender has different policies for what they’ll accept and what they won’t. Although there are fewer lenders catering to higher risk borrowers, there are still enough to find reasonable deals for the worst of situations. To give examples of some cases our team has worked on successfully…


  • Applicants without any credit history
  • People with low credit scores
  • Reports showing late payments
  • Even missed mortgage payments
  • General account defaults
  • County Court Judgements
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Applicants with active debt management plans
  • Those who have had their homes repossessed
  • Even cases involving bankruptcy

Some cases have had more than one in the list above.

Adverse Mortgage FAQs

Are sub-prime mortgages still available? More than ever. The market did have a dry spell around 2008 when all lenders were tightening up on approval processes. That only lasted a couple of years though. Today, there’s more sub-prime lenders around, which is playing a part in lowering rates for those who need this type of product.


​Given my credit history is poor, what companies can I get a mortgage from? There’s no one company fits all when it comes to adverse credit problems. Even big banks can approve on mortgages for applicants with minor defaults, or if it’s a negative entry close to dropping off your file, it can be overlooked. It all depends on the lender that’s applied to, but generally, when you have bad credit, you’re best to work with a broker, who then has access to a pool of specialist lenders and who knows what they tend to approve on. They’ll only be able to advise you after an assessment of your past credit problems.


My credit files all have the same credit history, but they all have different credit scores – Why is that?Only your credit history matters to lenders. The scores assigned to your credit report are only used for guidance purposes. They don’t mean anything to lenders, because each have their own method to work out a credit score using the data on your credit file which is based on your credit history. You don’t actually have a credit score. They’re only assigned to your report as an indication of how good or bad your past credit is. Every lender does things their own way and will have different terms for the mortgages they have available. Some go by the term mortgage with bad credit rating, others will discuss a mortgage with bad credit score, and a bad credit history mortgage – they all mean the same thing. It’s a sub-prime mortgage designed for people with negative entries reported on their credit files. The applications are assessed using the credit history data. Although, not every lender will credit score, they will usually refer your application to an underwriter for assessment before a decision is made.


Can I apply for a mortgage with bad credit online? It’s not advised. What you can do is apply to a mortgage broker without having a hard credit check done. Brokers will not put forward an application without your consent as it’s your data that’s going to be processed for your application to be assessed by a lender.


What does whole-of-market mean? In the sub-prime mortgage market, there are broker only mortgage deals, meaning they’re only available through intermediaries. A whole-of-market broker means they have access to mortgage products that aren’t available to the public, therefore, you couldn’t apply to it. Applying for a mortgage with bad credit is best done via a broker with access to all the lenders, as many of the lenders only accept applications from intermediaries. You’ll hear them advertise, as we do, as being ‘whole of market’. A broker will find you the best deal from all the lenders that would consider you.


​Is it possible to get a mortgage without a credit check? No. What you can find is lenders who don’t credit score. That just means they’ll assess your application via a human review process instead of assigning points based on the severity of your credit history. What you won’t find available are any mortgage loans with guaranteed approval. To be clear, you can’t get a no credit check mortgage but you can get a no credit score mortgage, which essentially means the lender is trusting what you and your credit files say to be truth and rely on their judgement to approve a mortgage or not.



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