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How Self Employed Mortgages Can Meet Self-Employed Individuals Mortgage NeedsOur Self-Employed Mortgage Services

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People who are self-employed traditionally have a harder time arranging and purchasing a traditional mortgage – many people lack regular, steady income and sometimes do not have a trading history.

Historically, these individuals would utilise a self-certification mortgage to meet there needs but, with those plans no longer in existence, it has become even harder.

The professional advisors at Willow Mortgages understand the frustrations people face and we can help them secure a competitive mortgage.

Who Can Benefit From Willow Mortgages Services?

“Self-Employed” is an umbrella definition used for a large number of occupations, not just those who own their own business. When it comes to securing a mortgage, “self-employed” people include freelancers, contractors, sole traders, and limited company directors, just to name a few.

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These individuals are defined by the way they operate through payment and trading structures. It is these structures that make it difficult for the self-employed to purchase a traditional mortgage – Willow works with individuals and High Street lenders to meet borrower’s unique circumstances.

How Do We Work?

Willow are a “whole of market” mortgage broker – this means we can work with a large number of lenders to help secure the best deal for their clients. This independence gives us a huge amount of flexibility in what we can offer and gives clients an amazing advantage when they are in the market for a mortgage.

We will do the leg work, shopping around for the best rates and best deals to present to our clients. For self-employed individuals, all there is left to do is reap the benefits of this effort and choose a mortgage that is perfect for them.

It is not only this offering ability that makes us a great choice for self-employed individuals – High Street lenders are happy to work with us and self-employed clients because we work with them directly.

Willow will compile and present lenders with a compact, relevant application package – this packet includes all the important information lenders need to make a decision on a client’s mortgage without having to wade through unnecessary documentation or asking for central paperwork.

Mortgages for business owners and self-employed.

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An Important Consideration

Finally, we will only work with underwriters and lenders who understand and appreciate the unique needs of self-employed individuals and are willing to work with them.

These companies understand that self-employed people’s income may not be steady and that trading accounts may not be a complete reflection of overall earnings and disposable income.

Even if the client is only able to provide Willow with one year’s account information they can very likely work with specialised lenders to achieve a positive outcome.

Imagine how good it will feel to purchase a new home and collect the keys knowing the mortgage that has been arranged is affordable. Willow can help self-employed people do just that.

A short, informational conversation with a knowledgeable advisor can help put clients on the path to a competitive mortgage that is well within their budget.

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Self-Employed Mortgage and Remortgaging Advice

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